Southeastern Composers League Forum

Forums are held annually on the campus of a southeastern university. The primary focus of these gatherings is the performance of members' compositions.
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2014 Forum

The Southeastern Composers League gathered on the campus of UTC on February 20 -22 for its annual Forum, dedicated primarily to performances of original music composed by members of SCL. This year, the Forum was held in conjunction with the Marian Anderson String Quartet Residency at UTC.

Other featured artists and ensembles included:

Additionally, UTC was well represented by its Orchestra, directed by maestro
Jooyong Ahn; the UTC Chamber Singers, Dr. Kevin Ford, director; Dr. Kenyon Wilson, tuba; Prof. Don Zimmer, violin; and the UTC Saxophone Ensemble, Clint Schmitt, coach.

To see some of the performances at the 2014 forum, visit the
member video page.
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Schedule of SCL Forum Events

All events are open to the public; all are free and held in Roland Hayes Hall, except as noted below.

Thursday, 20 February

3:00 pm Informal reception
MultiCultural Center, upstairs in the University Center. Mingle and interact with members of the Marian Anderson String Quartet. Refreshments provided.

7:30 pm Concert 1
Concert 1 features the
Southern Adventist University Orchestra, directed by Laurie Redmer Minner. The program will include Hymn Tune Fantasy by SCL member John MacLean.

Friday 21 February

10:00 amFrom Paris, with Love”
    1. Ala Barocca, by Greg Carroll; Sara Snyder Schone - bassoon, Tim Hinck - piano
    2. Dialogue #3, by Joe Alexander; Don Zimmer - violin, Kenyon Wilson - tuba
    3. Paris Sonata, by Terry Vosbein; Tim Hinck - piano
    4. Salon Music, by Fred Cohen; Lauren Murray - English horn, Robert Murray - trumpet
    5. Corpora Nebulae, by Mickie Willis; digital audio

1:00 pmForge”
    1. I Forget What 8 Was For, by William Price; Sarah Miles - flute, Ben Miles - tuba
    2. Diversions, by Lori Ardovino; Lori Ardovino - saxophone
    3. + - 3i, by Mark Prince Lee; Emily Bowland - clarinet, with digital audio
    4. Forge ̧ by Taylor Helms; UTC Saxophone Quartet, Clint Schmitt, coach
         **1st place winner, Arnold Salop Competition, 2013**
    5. The World Turns Softly, by Leonrad "Chic" Ball; Ellen Ritchie - soprano voice, Damon Denton - piano
    6. The Sword and the Lute, by Alan Goldspiel; Lori Ardovino - soprano saxophone, Alan Goldspiel - guitar

3:30 pm “With a little help from my friends”
A recital by Dr. Nikolasa Tejero, UTC clarinetist
    1. Epic, by Kenyon Wilson; Ms. Tejero - clarinet
    2. Yoga Poems, by Peter Temko; Wanda Yang Temko, soprano voice, Ms. Tejero - clarinet
    3. Fantasía, by Mario Abril; Tim Hinck - piano, Ms. Tejero - clarinet
    4. The Gathering. by Jonathan McNair; Heather Small - flute/alto flute, Caterina Bristol - oboe, Ms. Tejero - clarinet/bass clarinet
    5. Digitalis, by Tim Hinck; Ms. Tejero - clarinet, Tim Hinck - piano
    6. Three Profiles for Wood and Metal, by Doug Bristol; Doug Bristol - oboe, Ms. Tejero - clarinet, Tim Hinck - piano

7:30 pm The Marian Anderson String Quartet in Concert
This award-winning quartet was the first African American classical ensemble to win an international music competition (1991, Cleveland Quartet international competition). $5.00 for general admission (students are free with ID).

Program includes Quartet No. 3 by Harvey Stokes

Saturday, 22 February

9:30 am Young composers’ reading session
The Marian Anderson String Quartet will play through works submitted by young composers from across the southeastern US, offering commentary. Open to the public. Location TBA (either Bessie Smith Cultural Center, or UTC Band Room).

11:45 am SCL Business Meeting and Lunch
Fine Arts Center room 203; SCL officers and members only

1:30 pm “Sapphire Kaleidoscope”
Guest pianist Walton Lott in recital
    1. Preludes, by Roger Vogel
    2. Sapphire Kaleidoscope, by Ken Davies
    3. Enigmatic Sonata, by Rodney Waschka
    4. A Beam in the Darkness, by Fred Cohen
    5. Four Pieces, by Frederick Rzewski

4:00 pm “Chatter in Rondo Form”
    1. Chatter in Rondo Form, by Gil Trythall; Gil Trythall - vocalist/actor, with digital audio, video
    2. Out of Context, by Monroe Golden; Seth Noble - marimba and MIDI percussion controller, with digital audio
    3. Five Sketches, by Roger Vogel; Michael Heald, violin; Maggie Snyder - viola
    4. Macaroni, by Ron Wray; Heather Small - flute, Caterina Bristol - oboe, Nikolasa Tejero - clarinet
    5. Something Is Happening Here, but You Don’t Know What It Is, by Cody Brookshire; digital audio
    6. Two Pieces for Guitar, by Daniel Arite; Daniel Arite - guitar
    7. Prelude and Fugue in F; the Frustrated Scale, by Michael Young; Michael Young -piano
    8. A Better Resurrection, by Brandon Kreuze; soprano, piano
    9. Papilionian Dance, by Gary Powell Nash; Heather Small - flute, Caterina Bristol - oboe, Nikolasa Tejero - clarinet

7:30 pm “The Flattery of Fire”
    1. Different Worlds, by Tyler Kline; Heather Small, flute; Clint Schmitt, alto saxophone
         **2nd place winner, Arnold Salop 2013**
    2. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, by Mark Frances; UTC Chamber Singers, Kevin Ford - director; UTC Flute Choir, Heather Small - coach
    3. Angele Dei, by Susan LaBarr; UTC Chamber Singers
    4. Two Poems of Amy Carmichael, by Ethan McGrath; UTC Chamber Singers
    5. I Will Praise the Lord, by David Caudill; UTC Chamber Singers
    6. The Flattery of Fire, by Richard Pressley; Nick Hartline - clarinet, Jon Elliott - saxophone, Taylor Brown - double bass, Tim Hinck - Fender-Rhodes electric piano
    7. To Have and to Hold, by Sally Reid; UTC String Orchestra, Jooyong Ahn - conductor
    8. Strings Ablaze, by Ken Davies; UTC String Orchestra, Jooyong Ahn - conductor