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Concert 1

23 February, 5:30 PM
Featuring NSU Music Faculty

Mel Mobley
Bagatelles for Violoncello
     I. Drammatico
     II. Scherzando
     III. Grave
     IV. Presto
     V. Andante e Rubato

Paul Christopher, cello

David Mahloch Landscapes (Forest) for Violin and Piano
     I. The Forgotten Path
     II. The Forest Alive
     III. Rain Provides Life
     IV. Eventide with the Forest

Sofia Tchetchelashvili, violin
Francis Yang, piano

Richard Pressley Paschal Prelude

Kelsey Wright & Hope Spaw, flute
Andrej Kurti, violin
Sofia Tchetchelashvili, viola

Betty Wishart Requiem for Dreams

Marcy McKee, mezzo soprano
Michael Rorex, piano

Larry Barnes
Cloud Breathing for Oboe and Piano

Leah Forsyth, oboe
Christine Allen, piano

Leonard V. Ball, Jr. a day - just like any other
(something wicked this way comes — and quickly goes —)

Andrej Kurti, violin
Malena McLaren, bass clarinet

Concert 2

23 February, 7:30 PM
Featuring the Iridium Saxophone Quartet
Paul Nolen, soprano saxophone
Marcos Colon, alto saxophone
Paul Forsyth, tenor saxophone
Eric Lau, baritone saxophone

Rob Smith Morse Code Pop

Dinos Constantinides
Music for Saxophone Quartet

Tayloe Harding
Seven Churches (select movements)

Peter Gilbert Burned Into the Orange

Alan Kinningham
Summer Nights

David Maslanka
Recitation Book, V. Fanfare and Variations on Durch Adams Fall (1943–2017)

Concert 3

24 February, 1:00 PM

Gil Trythall
Signals from a Small Planet

Lily Taylor, soloist
Gil Trythall, laptop

Ken Davies
Dark Side of Venus (Dr. Forsyth Coach)

Daniel Larin, soprano saxophone
Julio Galvan, alto saxophone
Tyrell Redd, tenor saxophone
Zackary Killingsworth, baritone saxophone

Michael Young
Prelude and Fugue No. 6 in B-flat major

Michael Young, piano

Mark Prince Lee

Paul Christopher, cello

Joe L. Alexander
Forestasia Fantasy

Luis Osorio Betancourt, violin
Colin Horton, cello
Robyn Tan, piano

John Hennecken
Second Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
      I. Adagio Sostenuto
      II. Allegro Scherzando
     III. Adagietto
      IV. Adagio-Allegro Maestoso

Chris Probst, trumpet
Wendy Freeland, piano

Concert 4

24 February, 3:00 PM

Kenneth R. Benoit
Mosaics for Tuba, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon
     I. Adagio- Allegro
     II. Andantino
     III. Allegro non troppo

Justin Garretson, tuba
Kelsey Wright, flute
Luis Alejandro Gallo Quintero, oboe
Jorge Ojeda, clarinet
Paula Martinez Marrugo, bassoon

Scott Robbins

Reed Between the Lines
Alex Butler, soprano saxophone
Tristian Zamora, alto saxophone
Eric Pannell, tenor saxophone
Nick Swank, baritone saxophone

Mark Francis
Remembrance of Former Things

Kelsey Wright, flute
Samantha Morris, clarinet
Christian Hairr, bassoon

Samuel Stokes The Cliffs of Moher for Horn and Piano

Josh Waldrop, horn
Chialing Hsieh, piano

Harvey Stokes Piano Sonata No. 8
      I. “…going…”
      II. “…arriving…”
     III. “…returning…”

Susan C. Ha, piano

Concert 5

24 February, 5:00 PM

Douglas Hedwig
Movable Borders
     I. Journey
     II. Hymn
     III. Dance

Emily Owens, violin
Aura Hernandez, violin
Cesia Corrales, viola
Colin Horton, cello
Luz Arietta-Jimenez, double bass

Gary Nash Seven Classic Rock Miniatures for Saxophone Quartet
(Select Movements)
     I. Commencement
     II. Deep in Thought
     III. Baked Bean Pies
     IV. Being In Love
     V. Bricks Up Close
     VI. Dawn After Darkness
     VII. Three Dimensional

Laura Lovell, soprano saxophone
Alex Guillory, alto saxophone
Timathy Xenakis, tenor saxophone
Stephen Garrett, baritone saxophone

John Mac Lean
Fantasy for String Bass and Percussion

Ricardo Ventura, string bass
Andrew Boyd, percussion
Caleb Callender, percussion
Brian Hammonds, percussion
Nestor Mercado-Garcia, percussion

Jane Patterson A Little Percussion Music
     I. It’s All in the Metal
     II. Wood You Be?
     III. Whack a Timp

Percussion Ensemble
Andrew Boyd , Cooper Hollis, Miguel Bustillo, Roger Jones, Caleb Callender, Emily Landers, Elias Castro, Austin Pierre, Luis Colon, Adam Trupp, Fabian Correa, Darius Williams, Kevin Hendricks, Lindsey Weatherford, Alanna Hailey, Steven Wimberley

Roger Vogel
     I. Morning Traffic
     II. Riverfront
     III. A Walk in the Park
     IV. Skyline at Sunset

Clarinet Choir
Alanna Benoit, E clarinet
Rachel Hall, B clarinet
Taylor Burch, B clarinet
Samantha Morris, B clarinet
Emily Ortiz, B clarinet
Rebekah Clark, B clarinet
Jorge Ojeda, bass clarinet
Travis Carrell, contrabass clarinet